Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Want To See Him!!!

Forty Plus Hong Kong Superstar, and a personal FAVE of mine since the '80's, is Unstoppable!!! I still remember frequenting Chinatown and Clement Shopping district in San Francisco just to get his latest Record/CD/DVD - and if I dig hard enough, I know I still have them - and see his movies....  and this addiction continued on and was even more heightened when I moved to Taiwan, where he is very much loved....  it seems it was one of his early commercials made in Taiwan that caught on and got a lot of attention - then the rest is history, as they say....

He is back with another SOLD OUT SPECTACULAR SHOW! Yes, more than a concert - it is ALWAYS A SUPER SHOW!!!
This time around, besides the dinging and dancing, prancing about and looking good, thrilling both male and female fans - Aaron Kwok is doing some fancy acrobatics in his show, ala Cirque Du Soleil.. And all I can say is: "bring that show over to Taiwan so I can see already"!!!

Of course, he is as Hot as Ever! Even more dashing as he matures nicely... More manly and sexier - giving us folks reasons to strive even harder in keeping fit & healthy... And this warrants a Hump Day Showcase here!
and below are a few shots from his past concerts, the last 2 years...