Wednesday, March 20, 2013

iPhone 5. Yeah Baby!

Just another case point about the saying: "Meant To be, Meant To Be..."

My iPhone 4's been acting up the last month or so...  All of a sudden, Camera hanging (must be overused as it is what I use more with the phone...); buttons not functioning now and again...; and the last week, No one could hear me speak - though i can hear them Perfectly fine...

With 4 months more into my Program Contract... And the Warranty expiring after the first year - things were looking bad... Took the phone to Apple, they could Not find anything wrong, as when using LINE, I can talk, hear and be heard by everyone no problem whatsoever.. They told me to go back to my Server Carrier.. That it could be the line itself, or the SIM card... 3 places and a day of walking in the heat of the sun later - i was told that i would need to leave it and have it fixed... And that it would cost a whopping $150 to $200 US to fix.. All these without even really testing my phone.. Just did what I told them to do... Call from the line, and call through LINE... WHOAH!!! Needless to say I was a bit miffed... Well, a lot!!!

So I called who I know could help.. I normally would just let it be, but my Chinese Astrology said I need to ask for help when I can... And am glad I did... Not only did I get help, I was even able to replace the iPhone4 with an iPhone5.... Needless to say, I am now one Happy Camper!!!

Of course, with the new phone comes new worries... Updating... Downloading FAVE APPS... And protective wear for my baby... All manageable in due coarse... Getting all the updates and downloads done little by little... And so far, i have not one but four, yes four fun cases / skins / covers for my baby!!!
First one purchsed was this CUTE Jimmy Liao case....  fun, nice shade of blue
and it does go well with my Jimmy Liao Be@rbricks!!!
Then, I could not help but break down for these three....  Duckie,
OWL by Marc Jacobs, & Mustache
By far my most FAVE to date:  OWL
Marc by Marc Jacobs