Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Season 3

Just got through watching the last 5 episodes of last season's Vampire Diaries.... Finally!!!
Have mixed emotions over this... I do not mind that it was not as flashy as 2nd Season's Finale... And am even relishing the fact that Damon did see Elena before Stefan.. Surprising twist am happy with... And to be rid of Klaus (finally! Was sooooo tired of his idle threats...) - though i see he is now possessing Tyler's body... So he is not dead and can come back again...

Other things am not so happy about:
-give Caroline something else to do besides being tortured every sooo episodes... Was even excited with the possibility that Klaus will take her and show her around, per his invitation... ( and yes for this, I was willing to still welcome his stay... LOL)..
-what's the used of giving Tyler extra ordinary powers if he does not even get to use them....
-Bonnie should just get back with Jeremy and that's that!!!
-is Matt really dead? If so, this is Sad... Though they do not give him much to do, he is still pretty to look at.. :)

-i did not see Rebecca die , so I do hope she is not dead yet... She is fun whenever she is around and being bratty...
At this time, I read that the cast are back for Season 4 already... I wish that Elena will really be a Vampire already... And that Rececca and her will get into a biiiiig cat/ vampiric fight... Throw in Caroline for Great measure.... :)