Friday, July 20, 2012

Lazy Friday

The business of the previous days - between working, taking care of Juju, running about in the heat of the sun has finally caught up with me, it seems..,,

Today started off with my alarm going off at 7:30AM... Hit the off button but still, stayed in bed for another hour... I could feel through the window that it is another hot day, so i was a bit dreading having to get ready... But must, as i have things to do... So made my morning coffee and started my day...

With the umbrella in tow, And a bottle of water, I went out into the heat of the sun and did my errands... Bank, Post Office, Carrefour, etc... Then i went to the Gym and ran on the Treadmill machine... And then back home.. This was about 2:30PM.... I sat to cool off a bit before showering.. And without meaning to I actually dozed off.... Was awoken by the sound of the phone ringing... It was 5:20PM... Whoah!!!!

It is now a little past 6PM... Am on the bus... Decided to go to the mall to eat lunch/dinner.., walk around a bit - at least it will be much cooler there.. And lots of things to see and energize the senses... Either that or just doze off once more... Hahahaha..,.

Btw, thanks for the Cool Snoopy Tee Juju & Lyn... Am loving it!