Friday, February 10, 2012


One of the Guilty Pleasures and yes, somewhat of an ESCAPE for me when am in Manila tending to everything else going on is to watch DVDs of movies and TV Shows I am missing out on... and not having Cable at home, nor time really, I really do miss out on a lot....  Must rely  word of mouth from friends recommending them to Facebook posts boasting about shows.....  Mags....  etc....  just to keep up....  and THANK GOD for them, or else I completely miss a good show...  and THANK GOD, even more, for DVDs - especially here in the Philippines, one can get a copy of just about anything....   

REVENGE is such a show...   COMPELLING DRAMA....  multi layered characters....  great writing....  and beautiful, sexy and talented cast that keeps you glued....  and we are talking multi generations here....  Madeline Stowe looking as luminous as I remember her from The Last of the Mohicans (am sure, Daniel Day Lewis will still make the same promise as he did in the movie: "I Will FInd You!") and Emily Van Camp of Brothers and Sisters fame - all that promise she showed in the just cancelled show - delivers here.....    and she has such a fragile beauty you are compelled to watch her and agonize with her (even when she is doing bad things - justified or not...)   They both have such EXPRESSIVE EYES on cannot  help it but be HYPNOTIZED!

And the supporting casts are noteworthy, too....  from the HOTTIES that are sure to flood the Net and various publications...   to familiar faces....  even Super Model Amber Valetta is in and out of the show - from the eps I have seen so far!!!   Possibly the prettiest cast on TV right now - well, after The Vampire Diaries, that is!
The Gorgeous Cast in a FUN & SEXY Promotional Photoshoot