Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Your Mama's Lanterns!!!

The Annual lantern Festival is upon us once more.....   always right after the Chinese NY festivities....  all over Taiwan, each and every town have their own arrays/varieties of Lanterns on display for this festival....  ornate, handmade, beautiful, colorful and gigantic ones to marvel at....   Each and every year, it so happens that the festival is also quite a wet one , as the rainy season ensues during the month of February...
But this does not stop revelers into coming out for a succession of nites and enjoy the festivities....   gorgeous lanterns to view, as well as, the Happy faces on all the attendees....  RAIN and all.....  Myself Included!!!

First nite of Lantern watching was done at the SunYetSan Memorial Hall area.... annually, it has been done here and the exhibit is quite large....   just as last year, I went on my own - not minding the rain and enjoying all of it....  even got to take in a pretty cool exhibition (FOR FREE!) about Life in Taiwan over the Decades....  Here's a few photos but you can see more by Clicking Here:
The Following nite... with the weather a whole lot better, i took the bus to the Taipei City Hall area as they were having their own Lantern Exhibition...  not quite as big as the one in the Sun Yet San - but it was none-the-less IMPRESSIVE and FUN....  plus quite a variety of lantern designs on diplay....  DRAGONS included, of course!!!
Click Here for Complete Photos: