Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Tito, you're fat!" - Ameera Speaks!

"SAY WHAT!!!" exactly my reaction when my niece, Ameera, uttered those words to me one afternoon, as we stroll Shangrila Mall last week... I actually turned red of embarrassment as she tells me this loudly - with people around us. She went on to explain: "I do not mean FAT - I mean PHAT!". and again I say, "what the hell is that?" To which she explains:
"you are Pretty Hot And Tempting..." LOLs!!! (I laughed soooo hard!!!)
What A Line! Anyway, Ameera has always been a source of information for me... teaching me the art of texting in short cut, Pinoy forms.... or basically doing the texting for me - she, as according to her: "if there was an emergency and people depended on you texting for help...everyone would already be dead before I can even hit the SEND BUTTON"... to which I AGREE completely... hahahaha... Incidentally, Ameera turned 17 Feb 9th - Party Photos Click Here!

She has also translated or explained, I should say, numerous emails, letters, Tagalog movie dialog's, and yes, even BADING slang... haaays where does she learn these stuff... don't matter... am just THANKFUL as a day with her is never boring....
Sharing a few pick up lines, learned from Ameera, that I found really funny... and maybe, just maybe, will get me slapped -- if I ever use them, that is:

-Would you mind taking off your shirt -- so I could see how Angels cover up their wings."

-Can you give me your number, Or should I just call you mine? (Are you not tired? Because you keep running circles in my mind!)

-Hindi Ka ba napapagod? Dahil takbo ka ng takbo sa isip ko