Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday, Bithday, Birthday -- Oh My!!!

okay, while most will in a frenzy over what kinds of chocolates and flowers to give their special someone -- I will be scratching my head once again, as February means too many BDay's to worry about(August, as well!)-- my nephew Ace and nieces, Ameera & Nicole's BDay is here again!!! It just gets harder and harder each year as they get older and older... that is why BDay's should be outlawed once someone turns 21!!!Photo was taken during their combined BDAY party last year... the girls both turned 16, while Ace turned 21 -- which in my book, am FREE of my BDAY obligations with him.... (Do you hear that, Ace?)HAHAHAHAHAHA.....


Mary E. said...

Happy Birthday to Ace, Ameera & Nicole!! Hope you have another nice celebration this year.
I have to agree with you Rudi, once they hit 21, you are relieved of your birthday obligations. Sorry, Ace, but that's the rules. :D
Hope you are having a nice time in Manila, Rudi!

wtsrudi said...

thanks mary... and the (not so) kiddies thanks you, as well... it is quite HOT here right now so I just swim at nite.... errands & obligations during the days... hahahahaha