Monday, May 26, 2014

No Monday Blues!!

Here we go again...  Another Monday..  another start of a new work week...  like most, am not ready but at the same time am glad it is..  Last week of May..  Then my FAVE month comes, June!!!    Last week was especially trying with so much waiting happening....   to a point that I think the stress got to me I ended up catching a cold - just woke up one morning feeling weak and sick... lasted over the weekend but am feeling better now....  trying to keep the strength up and the positive attitude - and praying that this week will end my waiting period!!!

Have a Great Week Ahead All!!!
On a GOOD NOTE - over the week last I did get to do a few nice things:

Caught X-Men: Days of Future Past with Juju!
Went to CHURCH and was treated to a SANTACRUZAN Procession
and even saw Taiwanese Idol Will Pan Debut his Brand New CD!!!

And ended the week by watching the DVD of "About Time" with Fave actress, Rachel McAdams..  Such a delightful film..  Had everything in it that makes for a terrific feel good movie
- even the tragic parts included!!!