Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's March!!!

Going Green For March..  Why Not!!!
I can only hope that this month will be good..  So far, not so...  Starting the month with Allergies - i haven't had it this bad in a loooon time...  So bad that I have caugt a headcold in the process..  Boo Hoo..  And adding to the headcold are a few minor headaches brought on by work and little and not so little matters that needs dealing with...

Yes, so far the month is already testing my patience and it is only the 2nd!!!  Lol
On a good note, I did have a little fun yesterday, the 1st of March...  Because of my headcold I was pretty much at home the whole day...  Then, not to go out of my wits, decided to let my feet do the walking and take me wherever!!!

Ended up in the XinYi District area and had the pleasure is seeing the Panda installation all over Taipei's City Hall..  Drawing quite a crowd, one has to line up for every single panda on display - that is if you want to pose ans snap a shot with the critters...  
Also had the pleasure of running into Stephanie Sun's Promotional
CD Debut appearance at the Warner Village area..  
Got to hear her sing!  She has such a lovely voice, it has been a while since I heard her last..  
Truly a Welcomed Surprise!!!