Monday, July 1, 2013

Zombies Attack!!!

What a Movie!!! First 15 minutes alone, i was already shaking with my feet up on the movie house chair...  And it did not let up..  Even on the quiet, slower moments, my pulse was beating fast in anticipation of another fast paced attack by these zombies!!!
Am talking about World War Z, of course...  What a movie...  Yes I just have to say that again!   Not knowing anything much about it, never read the book, i went just expecting Brad Pitt in a big Hollywood Action film with lots of CGI moments...  And yes, i did hear about him fighting off Zombies, so I was thinking: "Oh no, Brad is selling out and capitalizing on the Zombie genre popular of late...  Was I wrong...  Not even closed to my expectations...  Truly kmore like a thinking man's zombie film...  No not too much talking but well written and all just made sense...  Did not capitalize much on the family drama aspect, which it could have... Nor did it have too much bloody  nonsensical killing moments...   It was just nicely balanced...  And the ending was believable enough, and am glad it left room for a follow up...  I would see A Sequel for sure!!! 
And yes, Brad Pitt, haggard and aged looking in the film is still quite a HUNK....  he sports the same look and feel he exudes in the CHANEL adverts....  every wrinkle, every lines, and every white hair disappears in his acting....  you focus on the character and you root for him....  and now and again, get a glimpse of the hunk that Brad Pitt is, and always will be....

Don't want to say more except, the zombies are nothing like you have seen before - they move FAST!!!  Don't think I would have been able to survive a 3D version of this film...  But am Happy to be able to say I have survived World War Z!!!


Barry Boy said...

I can't believe I'm saying this over a Brad Pitt movie... but it's not bad... not at all! Oh wait, I always loved Brad Pitt. It was Tom Cruise who I hated (except for Risky Business, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia)