Thursday, February 28, 2013

Folk Arts Exhibition

Today, (Tuesday Feb. 26th), is one of those trying days for me... Dealing with getting my iPhone fixed.. Running around all over.. And in the Heat of the Midday Sun, too! But that's another story..: 

This is about the Folk Arts Exhibition I happen upon at Taipei SongShan Airport... Stopped by here from my walk - to take a break from the heat of the sun - of course since I have many a walking errands, the sun decided to come out after 3 days of Rain and Gloom...  also as I need to charge my phone batteries....  with SongShan Airpot close by - it was the Perfect Choice for a stopover Break:  Pretty, Bright, Cool and plenty of places to sit and charge - since outlets here are plentiful and are for the use of the people.
Anyway, knowing that there is always something f... or a cool exhibition going on, I decided to take a bit of a walk around when my battery was full... Am Glad I did as they are having "The Beauty of Folk Arts: Artifacts Exhibition" on display...  this time around focusing on TRADITIONAL PUPPETS!!!   Just my cup of tea....  :)  These  Puppets are dressed in colorful, traditional costumes - and each DIORAMA is a retelling of an Ancient Chinese Legend - with a Personal Fave of mine, the Legend of the White Snake included...  ...  and a few GODS got the spotlight, too!
Not sure how long the exhibition will be up....  so if you happen to be in the neighborhood - go check them out - you will not be disappointed!  and when there, be sure to see the Departure Schedule Table - you might just be able to catch one of the fun EVA AIR Hello Kitty planes take flight from the 3rd Floor Observation Deck!