Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surprise Getaway

This is that time of the year when Shaun seems to get a few perks from various companies, through his work... All in the name of Happy Chinese New Year, of course.. :)
The ride is always a treat....  easy access....  plus the Special Train that takes you from BeiTou to Shin-BeiTou, the actual HAVEN for various luxurious hotels and hot springs is just too CUTE....   the Trains are painted in fun and colorful styles depicting the various activities one can do in the area...  The station are also decorated with Fun Art Installations - also using the theme of relaxation and hot springs....  These fun displays, as well as the view from the leisure walk, are truly eye catching took us a bit of time to actually get to our Hotel....

Always one to share, this time around we get to trek to Beitou for an overnight stay at this luxurious Hot Springs Hotel: Grand View Resort.  What a place it is....  soooo LUXURIOUS and pretty and serene....  Maybe it is because it is a Monday - or the HIGH RATEs for accommodation (About $400US a nite!) - but the place seemed empty....  as if aside from the staff, we were the only other inhabitants at the time.  Makes it even more FUN and RELAXING to be there...   Not only do we get to outdoor Hot Springs - our Suite also have a couple of Private Hot Springs overlooking the mountain scenery and the perfect place to catch the beautiful sunset....
The FUN Ride to BeiTou
Good Thing I can take my work everywhere and anywhere for the most part.... A fine way to start the work week, if I may say so myself!!!
Gorgeous, Gorgeous Suite!

Now this is what I call a Surprise Getaway Break!!!
Complete with a Beautiful Sunset to Boot!