Friday, October 19, 2012

Being Sport!

A while ago, while in Kaohsiung, we bought Gift Certificates for a one week tryout at this Gym, Being Sport - also close by to the house... Only about a 10 minute walk....

On the first day alone, I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated...  Soooo many machines and so many rooms for different types of classes: Body Combat, Stepper, all sorts of YOGA - in different levels, and dance aerobics, of course....  Of course, I want to try them all....  so each and everyday I have been doing my regular thing:  Running (No waiting on machines and for as long as I want!); Iron Pumping and a class to try....  so far have tried: Adidas Yoga, Body Balance & Body Combat - the latter I like BEST as you MOVE, possibly every single muscle of your whole being.... at least it felt that way the following morning.....  hahahahaha...  I actually woke up this morning with sores in places I never had pain before but still could not wait to try something else.....  LOL....  The only thing missing really is a swimming pool.
The place is quite nice and clean....  trainers and staff friendly enough... they leave you on your own for the moot over eager to tell you this and that - or solicit you to hire them for one on one training....   the members are nice and friendly - with most of the ladies attending to do so much of their socializing, of course...
So overall, it is a nice experience....  and if I was in Taiwan all the time, I would consider joining but with my Travel Schedule - it would be a waste as am always away for half the month almost each month...  I surely will miss coming here but am sure I will be back again soon... :)