Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Got up this morning at almost 9AM already... It was a sweet slumber, I suppose... Cleaned up a bit... Had my coffee... Then it was time for church...

Still reveling on the Summer Sun, I wore my summer colors... Armed with my Hat and glasses, (not to mention an umbrella) I set off in the midday sun, heady to Sunday Mass...

After mass, I headed off to XiMenDing to possibly catch a film or if there is any star gazing to be done... No movies(way too crowded!)... But did get to enjoy a couple of songs from Fish... She is out promoting her brand new CD... Not a personal fave, but nonetheless, entertaining...
Still, it was too hot to just stand or walk around, i continued my journey to the Warner Viewshow/Mitsukoshi area... Got there just in time to catch the next showing of Total Recall - which was pure high energy treat of a movie...   Kate Beckinsale more than filled Sharon Stone's shoes... she KICKED ASS!!!
Satisfied from the movie, I just went on to have my dinner then head on back home... Did have a minor incident during dinner but nothing that I could not handle - in my broken Chinese even! But am completely over it and refuse to even give it another second of my precious time... :)
So overall, it was a Sweet Sunday! Nitey nyt All!