Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nakata X Mr Porter

MR PORTER has a GREAT COVER STORY of Retired Japanese Footballer, Hidetoshi Nakata - both a Fave Sportsman and a Style Icon of many around the world, myself included...   Retired at an early age of 29, this guy is sorely missed in the World of Football... having represent his country in three World Cups and play in the Italian Serie A and English Premier League.

Since retiring, he has said to have traveled and visited as much as, 100 countries... he is said to be education himself with the ways of the world...  he's mentioned that, though he has traveled to many places with the sport, it was always for that, not much in the ways of seeing the sights and experiencing the wonders of each countries visited... so he is making up for it all now...

Though retired, he is still very much considered a part of Football....  many will always associate him with the sports and being soooo stylish....   of late he has done ADVERTS for Calvin Klein Underwear, COKE ZERO, etc....   as well as, many fashion editorials and cover stories for a number of magazines...  with Mr Porter being the latest....  
You can check out this COVER STORY / Fashion Editorial here: