Wednesday, May 2, 2012


well, today's weather seems to be APROPOS for the day that it is: HUMP DAY!  Started off frigging hot and sunny....  and was all set to go on a trek in search of COOLER PASTURES for Juju and I to play in or hang out in, then in just a SNAP, it all changes to GLOOMINESS and RAIN!!!   Too bad the temp did not seem to have been affected as it is still quite Hot....  Humid even....  as in I just showered half an hour ago and am ready for another one already... LOL....

Actually, it has been like so since the middle of April....  temperature kept rising with Humidity factoring in...  and then all of a sudden, non-stop Rain...   and some days, Thunder and Lightning even....  Outdoor running is now relegated again to night time... just as soon as the sun comes down, so as it is not too late but late enough that the sun is gone and the breeze, however little it is, is already blowing for the night....   It is even getting Hotter already Indoors - time for the Air-Conditioning to do it's wonders once more - as the FAN is are just not enough again....

anyway, as always, leaving you some HOTTIE photos for this HUMP DAY!
All Time FAVE Hunk....  oooops, I meant Actor: Piolo Pascual
Famed Fashion Photographer: Mr Nigel Barker....  the only reason for me to watch America's Next Top Model... now that he is Off the show, I will not be tuning in anymore.... 
Vampire Diaries' resident Hunk Wolfman, Michael Trevino, continues on endorsing Bench!