Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zac Efron for PENSHOPPE!

Penshoppe first brought us  Gossip Girl’s bad boy, Ed Westwick.  Then it was dreamy Thai cutie Mario Maurer. So, how re they topping these two - with none other than Zac Efron (Hairspray, High School Musical, New Year's eve, etc..).  What a SCOOP!!!  I myself, cannot wait to see more of the ads they will be coming out with using this Hollywood Hunk!  Just in time to, as he has a new movie out to promote, The Lucky One.... 

It has been stated that Zac Efron has never done an endorsement, so this partnership with Penshoppe is a first for him.  TRULY a GREAT SCOOP for the Pinoy Brand that seems quite intent to conquer the International World Market.

When asked in a few interviews why he chose to endorse the brand - Zac stated that: “I got to know the history of the brand and I like how it’s an original Pinoy brand,” he says. He adds further that, “We have this good family friends who are Filipino and they urged me to say yes. They said it was the top brand in the Philippines,”.
and this has been your HUMP DAY NEWS and Photos for the week!!! :)
A couple of stills from his movie The Lucky One, coming out this month.
...another reason to love this guy...


MJ said...

Love that t-shirt! Maaikel

wtsrudi said...

AGREED, Maaikel... :)