Monday, March 26, 2012

Moody Monday

Starting the week off a bit put off, really.....   such a shame as it is a beautiful Monday too....  just hope this is not an indication of the week to come....  Must Shake It All Off!
Anyway,  here's why...

The last couple of days I have been having my own kind of fun, looking through my TRAVEL albums - as far back as the mid 80's....   looking through them... reminiscing.....  seeing old friends....  and basically reminding myself of all the places I have been the last decade and a half....  and thinking of all the people I have met, and beutiful places I have seen....

I enjoyed it soooooo much that I decided to create an album for them in my Facebook account...   to share them with my friends.... and especially with the ones that had been part of my many travels....  I came to realise that not everyone share my sentiments for old photos....  when sharing them with someone this morning, I was replied to with not just a sour look but with a really sad remark: "you look at your photos then - and you look at yourself now - and you can be Happy?"   OUUUUUCH!!!  And here I was, enjoying the photos - not even focusing on what I look like then or now....  :(  

It really bothered me the whole morning....  but as with every other negative things that comes into my life - i learn to be quiet...  and let go of it all....  so am over it....  over it in fact, to a point, that I will continue posting my photos for my pleasure and the pleasure of others who enjoys them, too....  and just let others be as miserable as they want to be....