Sunday, December 4, 2011

OKINAWA DAY 3: Eternal Sunshine, NOT!!!

In all the brochures I have read - it states that Okinawa prides itself as an "Eternal Sunshine City"....   well, I must have brought the rain with me as, since arriving, it has been a bit on the cloudy side...  drizzling on the second day and the third day was full on rain... BOO HOO!!!  Still it did not deter us from going around and enjoying the day.....  started off by buying the 1 day pass...  for 680yen, one can really go from one end of Okinawa to the other - VIA MONORAIL.....  not bad considering it almost costed us that much to take the Monorail from the Airport to the city....  well, we did not know then... hahahahahahaha...
First (QUICK) stop, after breakfast, was the Duty Free Shop....  mainly just to admire their building, and the window displays....  and it did not fail to IMPRESS.....  it was quite nice....   lots of people/tours from China - so am sure they make the big bucks.....
And with the rain letting up a bit, we decided ti was time to head onto Shuri Area and check out the highly recommended Shuri Castle...   As they say, you cannot come to Okinawa without visiting this Castle where centuries and centuries ago - envoys from all over Europe and Asian Kingdoms have visited to pay tribute and have a big-to-do ceremony with the current Emperor.
The grounds are kept well....  and sadly, but in a good way, the actual parts of the Castles are none original....  most have been rebuilt, refurbished, recreated for today's revelers....   and we are told right down to the exact detailing, accents and colors.  Walking through it all, one cannot help but be AMAZED and even, FANTASIZE and WONDER what it would be like to live in such SPLENDOUR!   Aaaaaaaaah....  maybe in  another lifetime.....  :)

After the Castle, we walked a bit more around the grounds...  checked out other parts of the City of Shuri, then headed on to another destination: the Seaside.