Friday, January 7, 2011

Pick Your Own Path

Came across this sign on my walk yesterday.... Confusing, especially since it was on a regular street and not the HIGHWAY.... but, as with all in Life, there are ALWAYS many roads to CHOOSE from... one does not ever know which is the correct path - what matters is that one chooses a path to take... maybe by following one's instincts, and in my case, by following my HEART... after all, when one Follows one's Heart - no matter what is at the end of the road - one could not POSSIBLY GO WRONG...
There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!
-Bob Marley

The middle of the road is where the white line is - and that's the worst place to drive.
-Robert Frost

People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight. All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don't sit looking at it - walk.
-Ayn Rand

What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human HEART, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains.
-Tennessee Williams