Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Fred, My Style

Okay, it is not even a SECRET anymore how am SOOOOOO into Fred Perry - all of it.... clothing, bags, caps, shoes - basically anything and everything.... Cannot even remember how long I ahve been a FAN - guess you can palce the blame on Peter Weller (Style Council) and all those VESPA riders in the MOD 80's... Just something about the clothing -Nope, not just the COOL LAUREL LOGO - has to be the fact that all thier designs are sleek, not too dressy but certainly-very stylish, and for the most part, fits my TASTE JUST RIGHT!!!
Anyway, right now they are running a little FUN thing called: The Fred Perry Heritage Stories... a series of stories about the brands many labels.... and history, of course.... after all they have been around for 100 Years!!!! As an added BONUS - there is a section where Fans from all over the world can submit their own Fred Perry Stories.... and photo.... TOO COOL!!!
Am enjoying reading and seeing other Fred Perry fans snippets about the brand... their memories of the clothing - or memories of wearing them.....
Am enjoying most of the entries so much, I actually entered one as well - so Pls Go Here and Read: MY STORY.... and while you are at it, if my story is to your liking - PLS VOTE!!!! Thanks in Advance!!! (^_*)hehehehehe