Sunday, December 13, 2009

XMas Get-Together #2

We had our Annual XMas Get together with the girls (Juliana, Sue n Cecilia) last nite, SAT the 12th... The place: why our home of course!!! Now you know why we have been cleaning all these weeks!!! If you have ever had a few friends over for a Holiday get-together... or any kind of get-together in your home - am sure you can relate and know that it is quite a feat to pull it all off... making sure - not only what one is serving is good, or at least edible, but also that the place is clean and nothing out of place... and of course, no matter how you clean and clean and clean - to you, it is NEVER ever going to be clean enough.. LOLs!!!

Anyway, ready or not, we had it last nite and luckily enough - it went off without a hitch... it helped that the girls are really sweet and were not grading us at the end of the meal - like that BBC show - Come Dine With Me"... so a GREAT TIME was had by all....and as always, Chef Marketchow did not disappoint and treated us to some very nice dishes... and I even got to help on a few of them... just don't grade my Salmon Cakes shaped as gingerbread man and stars... well, they were supposed to be anyway....Party finished at almost 11PM... and we SURVIVED!!! and BEST of all, next dinner is at Sue & Cecilia's home.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............... but we could not rest yet - now we gotta get ready for a lunch party at Shaun & Lyn's home the following day...


SUE said...

RUDI & DAVE: thank you again for a wonderful (& extremely stuffed) meal as well as the lovely gifts. Seeing your place so organized has put CECILIA & I in shame... Our wish for the new year is to "clean" our place and keep it neat for as long as possible... Thanks again & Merry X'mas!

Juliana said...

Rudi and David,
It had been a wonderful nite for me, with tasty food and lovely gift. Thanks to David, he took a whole day just to prepare this wonderful meal for all of us...I have not been sooooo full for a long time. Love the house, love the food and love my friends!!!! How fortunately I am to be where I am now...Wish you all a great holiday season, and looking forward to meet for our next gathering in Sue and Cecilia's sweet home!

D7ana said...

Salmon cakes shaped like gingerbread men ... ohhhhh! Sigh.

Thanks for sharing the photos and the experience.

And yes, I know about cleaning for holiday visitors. Groan, LOL.