Saturday, September 26, 2009

COLD SPRINGS Dip just before Taiwan gets really cold...

Last Saturday afternoon, Lyn & Shaun found themselves with no work for a change - so they decided to drive to Yilan for some delicacy and even a did in one of the more famous SPRINGS.... Yilan is a POPULAR destination for both Hot & Cold Springs... since the weather is not too cold yet to dip in the Hot Springs , we decided to take in the COLD SPRINGS... it was a first for me to do COLD SPRINGS in Taiwan -- boy oh boy, did I ENJOY it!!!
An hour and a half outside Taipei, SU AO is really an industrial little city with not much else to offer but a succession of COLD SPRINGS to choose from.... So we decided to go to one that seems to be a more popular one and quite biiig really.... being that it was already early evening - there were only a handful of patrons that nite - just fine by us... The water was soooo fresh, sparkling and not too cold -- just perfect for that beautiful clear nite...

I cannot wait for next SUMMER when it gets HOT again and I can really ENJOY the coldness of the SPRINGS!

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