Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lala: Lost & Found

Here's another story to be filed in the : "Believe it Or Not" section.

You all pretty much are acquainted with LALA the Dog already.... I have rambled about him quite a few times on this blog... not the brightest of dogs but certainly one of the sweetest....

Anyway, so the story is that recently he's gone missing for a few days... I mean, really missing... he has this habit of walking away from the house and not finding his way back home... he's done it a few times and he would be found a few hours later at a neighbor's house, the closest 7-11 (catching some needed air conditioning am sure!); or at a park where he usually plays... This last time though, he was nowhere to be found... and days went on... it was looking hopeless and the search was pretty much abandoned...
I was talking to Liya on the phone (still living it up as a THEATRE DIRECTOR in ENGLAND) - and knowing how much she loves Lala, I thought for sure she would have been informed already.... WRONG!!! I was the bearer of BAD NEWS - felt bad but at the same time good that she was told... and here's why:

The following day, Todd, the oldest nephew was walking home from work... he heard a familiar bark at the neighborhood pet store, turned around and looked and was delighted to see Lala!!! It seems that someone has found him and brought him in at the Pet Store to keep for a while - even bought some food for him to eat while he was there.... Todd had to make Lala do the BIANG BIANG trick, to PROVE that he truly was their dog and was able to bring him home... much to everyone's delight...

So I was none too happy (and quickly) told Liya - to which she told me - after getting off the phone with me that nite - she prayed to the GOD's and PROMISED to come home if Lala would be found.... and Guess What? She is coming home tonite to fulfill her promise...Liya with Lala last Chinese New Year

Photos from the latest visit with Lala - PLS CLICK HERE.