Friday, June 12, 2009

in the mood for love

Recently, I got to see again one of my ALL TIME FAVE movies ever, In The Mood For Love... Released in 2000, this movie, IMHO, is an instant classic... no reviews can give it justice... Visually Stunning, ... Emotionally Driven.... Exquisite Costuming.... and Pure Subtle Emotional Acting from the two leads, Tony Leung (who won a Best Actor Award for the Film in Cannes) & Maggie Cheung (one of my all time fave actresses, very underrated and underused, ; also nominated in Cannes but instead won for a different film, CLEAN, a couple of years later). From director extra-ordinaire, who has such a HUGE CULT and INTENATIONAL following, Wong Kar Wai.

The JIST of the Story:
Wong Kar-Wai returns with his most accessible work yet. Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) and his wife move into their apartment on the same day that Mrs. Chan (Maggie Cheung) and her husband move into the apartment next door. At first their relationship consists of passing pleasantries and mundane mahjong games with the neighbors but soon a sneaking suspicion bubbles its way to the surface. The increasing absence of their respective spouses arrives at the same time that Chow sees his wife carrying the same handbag as Mrs. Chan. Mrs. Chan, in turn, notices that her husband sports a tie similar to that worn by Chow. The two begin a clandestine friendship, and soon discover their desire turning from revenge to genuine passion.

What sounds like a typical weepie LOVE STORY is elevated to amazing levels by the principal players... even without much dialogue - the main actors, Maggie & Tony, conveys so much emotions throughout the film. Longing, Betrayal, Hurt, Revenge, Defeat, Happiness, Passion, etc... all emotions, sappy viewers like me, will feel and share throughout and long after the movie has ended... A MUST SEE!!!

This is one movie I will be watching over and over and over again....