Monday, May 18, 2009

Milk: The Movie

This DOCU-DRAMA of a film totally hits all the right nerves... one need not be a HOMOSEXUAL in order to appreciate, honour & celebrate what Harvey Milk, his co-horts, and the Gays of the 70's did for the community and for civil rights of Gays and other minorities.

It is so hard to even fathom how the Gays, pre 70's, had to deal with all the harassment not just from the bigots and simple minded people of the world... but to deal with being persecuted by the powers that be, too. As depicted in the movie -- so real, and sooo affecting. And the saddest thing is that, though GAYNESS, has been accepted and even embraced in some parts of the world, there are still countries where being GAY does not stand give you any rights whatsoever... in fact, it is BEST to HIDE this fact - so as to be able stay alive.

Director Gus Van Sant, a fave of mine since My Own Private Idaho, brought out superb acting from such a talented cast headed by Sean Penn... as always, Mr Penn embodied the character he was playing... throughout the duration of the movie, I did not see Sean Penn, I saw Harvey Milk. The supporting casts could not have been right on... James Franco (just the right amount of manliness and gayness in one dreamy package), Emile Hirsch (too funny seeing SPEED RACER act soooo naturally girly!), DIEGO LUNA (fiercely mental queen)... and so many more....

A SPLENDID FILM!!! Totally recommended seeing, or watching again, this film and what perfect timing as GAY PRIDE MONTH is coming up... will give you much more causes to CELEBRATE GAY PRIDE.NOTE: It was an added BONUS that the movie took place in San Francisco... so WONDERFUL to see parts of my beautiful city by the bay....


Mary E. said...

This is one I actually went to see while it was still in the theater. Tori and I went - and we both thought it was great! All the actors did a wonderful job.